6 more areas where teeth are useful besides chewing

6 More Areas Where Teeth Are Useful (Besides Chewing)

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In our last blog post, we covered some of the things (besides chewing) that teeth are useful for. See part 1 here if you missed that post. We think you’ll agree that teeth are extremely useful things, and we sure wouldn’t want to do without them. In today’s post, we’ll cover a number of other areas of life where you might take your teeth for granted and not realize all the things they’re doing for you.

1. Dating

You’d wish that in dating, other people would primarily see your soul and evaluate you based on the innate value you possess — your personality, your character, your charm, your humor, or your intellect. However, this simply isn’t the case. The fact is, people look at your outward appearance and make judgments that might hinder their prospects of ever realizing the beautiful, generous soul that’s inside of you. If you are concerned that a set of crooked, stained, or unsightly teeth are hurting your chances of getting a date, maybe they are. And maybe the ability to correct this is easier and cheaper than you think. Just contact our dentist in Sarasota for an evaluation.

2. Self defense

In America in the 21st century, biting someone is frowned upon (and most people will never have to resort to biting out of self-defense). However, for thousands of years of human history, people have probably had to creatively use their teeth in more than one self-defense situation. Biting someone is stooping pretty low, but if your life was at stake, we wouldn’t blame you if you did it.

3. Holding items

You probably won’t confess to your dentist if you’re in the habit of holding items in your teeth, but we probably already know it. While holding things in your mouth is not a particularly good or safe idea and could damage your teeth, many people do it all the time anyway. From putting the end of a pen in your mouth to grabbing an item with your teeth while your hands are full, teeth make a handy clamp that can get you out of more than one pickle. Just be aware: If you use your teeth to hold a hard item, it could chip your tooth or wear away your enamel. And if you happen to fall while you’re holding something in your teeth, you could be severely injured if that item gets shoved back and penetrates the back of your throat.

4. Personal identification

We’ve all become familiar with the fact that forensic scientists can identify a person just by their teeth. Your teeth are unique, and they’re just one identifying feature that dentists can use to figure out who someone is.

5. Estimating stature

Archaeologists who find human teeth can often extrapolate some information about the person those teeth belonged to, including estimating the stature (height) of that person. This method does have some limitations, and measuring long bones is a more reliable indicator, but if the bones are not available, examining the teeth can offer a secondary estimate.

6. Psychological health

It’s common knowledge that people will choose to wear dentures, even when it’s painful to do so, because they’d prefer to be seen with teeth than without. Often, a large part of our mental health depends on whether or not we receive social acceptance from those around us, and having teeth is one of the factors that can influence this social acceptance (or the lack thereof).

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