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Learn What Options You Have In Restorative Dentistry Procedures

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In our last blog post, we looked at what restorative dentistry is and what tooth problems might make you a good candidate for restorative dentistry. In this blog post from our dentist in Sarasota, you’ll learn about some of the options or methods that your dentist might use in order to restore a tooth that is decayed, chipped, cracked, or discolored.

What Methods of Restorative Dentistry Are Available To Me?

Your dentist knows a number of procedures to restore your teeth. Which treatment your dentist will use will depend on the exact problem in the tooth that needs to be restored, the severity of the problem, and the need to optimize both the functionality and the appearance of the restoration.

Dental Fillings

These are a common dental option when a patient has a cavity that is mild enough that the main part of the tooth is still intact and anchored strongly to your jawbone. The dentist will remove the cavity and the decayed part of the tooth, and then they will fill that area up with a special material that is long-lasting to resist your mouth acids and survive the mechanical process of chewing. These fillings used to be made of a silver-colored material, but recent advances in dental technology have brought patients the option to have composite fillings, a white-colored material that blends in much better with your teeth.


Dental veneers are an option to restore the appearance of your teeth, especially front teeth that are visible when you open your mouth, smile, or speak. Veneers are made of a tooth-colored material and are shaped to look exactly like a normal tooth.


A crown is another tooth-shaped, tooth colored device that is bonded to the stump of a tooth that is no longer whole, usually due to decay. Crowns can be a great option for anyone whose tooth roots and surrounding gums are still strong.


Bridges are special devices used to fill in a gap where you have a missing tooth between two good, strong teeth. The bridge anchors to the surrounding teeth and contains a tooth-shaped piece that fills in the gap that would otherwise have been left empty. Bridges can work well when your surrounding teeth are in good shape, but they are also prone to letting food particles get stuck in the gaps where they are hard to clean out and remove.


A partial is a type of denture for people who haven’t lost all their teeth. It is a row of two or more teeth that are missing, custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth. Partials are designed to be removable and to anchor securely to the patient’s existing teeth.


Whether you are missing one tooth or more than one, dental implants can be a great option to help you to regain the appearance and convenience of a permanent tooth. Implants have a “root” portion that is anchored into your jawbone and a “crown” portion that attaches securely to the exposed portion of the root.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are restorative dentistry techniques that cover a blemish with a piece of thin material that gets cemented onto the tooth.

If you need restorative dentistry or just a regular tooth cleaning and checkup, schedule an appointment with our friendly dental clinic in Sarasota today.

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