teeth whitening methods you shouldn't try

Teeth Whitening Methods You Shouldn’t Try (Part 1)

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There’s no doubt that there’s a dazzling effect when you flash a smile that’s full of straight, white teeth. Everyone’s teeth tend to yellow with time as part of the natural aging process, and professional teeth whitening products are a safe and effective way to get a whiter shade for your teeth.

However, just because your dentist can whiten your teeth safely and effectively doesn’t mean that every other product you try will be just as safe or effective. In fact, many of these products can permanently damage your teeth. Teeth don’t renew themselves. You only get one set of permanent teeth. So you owe it to yourself to avoid dangerous teeth whitening products. Furthermore, even if a product is not particularly dangerous, if it is ineffective, it is a waste of your money if it’s not going to do what it claims to do. Here is a list of some of the teeth whitening products that our dental clinic in Sarasota would recommend that you avoid.

Hydrogen Peroxide Swish

The main whitening ingredient in most teeth whitening products is peroxide, but that doesn’t mean that you can get the same results for much cheaper if you swish with hydrogen peroxide. Do not do this, as it will damage the soft tissues inside your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide has an oxidizing effect that slows healing, leads to scarring, and may cause irritation and blistering to the mouth and throat.

Teeth Whitening Gum

Don’t fall for it! Teeth whitening gum is more of a gimmick than an effective method to whiten teeth, and it doesn’t contain enough whitening agent to make a difference. If you like gum, we would recommend that you choose one with a high xylitol content, as this can help you to fight mouth bacteria, but don’t expect it to have a teeth whitening effect.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

This doesn’t work to whiten teeth, only to clean them (which you could say does make them whiter by removing food particles, especially if you have eaten something like eggs). Toothpaste tends to sell better if the marketers include the word “whitening,” but this tends to be more of a weasel word than anything on toothpaste products.

Teeth Whitening Mouthwash

How easy and wonderful it would be if mouthwash would whiten your teeth! Unfortunately, it doesn’t help and is simply another gimmick.

One Hour Teeth Whitening Products

The true teeth whitening products work over time by applying a safe concentration of bleaching agents to your teeth in repeated, slow doses. Any product that claims to work in one hour does so by applying a too-heavy concentration of product to your teeth for too long all at once. While this probably will succeed in lightening the color of your teeth, it comes with serious drawbacks. You can have pain, sensitivity, erosion to your enamel, and permanent damage to your teeth. Not only this, but the white shade lasts for only a few days before darkening up again.

We hope this has been helpful information to you. We have even more tips of teeth whitening methods to avoid, so keep your eyes open for our next blog. In the meantime, for safe, professional teeth whitening, other cosmetic dentistry procedures, and any needs, see your friendly dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Colkmire. Set an appointment today.