teeth whitening methods you shouldn't try part 2

Teeth Whitening Methods You Shouldn’t Try (Part 2)

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In our last blog post on cosmetic dentistry, we covered 5 teeth whitening methods that you should avoid, and today we’d like to cover a few more. Taking care of your teeth is an important thing to do, not only for beauty and aesthetic appeal, but also for your oral health. There’s just no substitute for a set of pearly whites that glisten and gleam whenever you smile. And even if your teeth are straight, you’ll have trouble flashing your most confident smile if you know that when your lips part, they’ll reveal a yellow or brownish set of teeth that should be white.

Despite the obvious appeal of bright, white teeth, you should be discriminating over which type of teeth whitening you choose to use. Your teeth have to give you a lifetime of service, and it simply isn’t worth it to use a whitening product that has unintended consequences. Here are a few more teeth whitening methods that our dental office thinks you should NOT try.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is not safe, as it dries teeth out and eventually weakens them. In addition, there are substitute, “placebo” treatments out there that simply use a normal LED light that does absolutely nothing but makes patients feel like they’re getting something great because they’re shining a light on their teeth. Either way, it’s not worth your time and effort to go that route. Save your money, and more importantly, preserve the longevity of your teeth by avoiding laser teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening With Acids

It’s a mistake to use harsh acids, such as those found in lemon, strawberry, or pineapple, to attempt to whiten your teeth. While these products can give you a certain temporary improvement in the look of your teeth, they do so at a cost. These acids eat away at your enamel, thinning and weakening it. And since the real cause of yellowed teeth comes from the dentin in teeth (not the enamel), you’re attacking the wrong part of your teeth with these acidic products. You also set yourself up for increased risk of sensitive and painful teeth, as well as cavities.

Teeth Whitening Products With Strong Abrasives

Your teeth were not meant to withstand vigorous scrubbing with abrasives such as baking soda or charcoal. These products can cause pitting and wearing down of your enamel (which you actually want to preserve as much as possible. Also, harsh abrasives only treat outer stains on your teeth, not the underlying color of the dentin beneath your enamel. It is much safer to have your hygienist clean and polish any stains on the outside of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Products that Aren’t FDA Approved

New products come out on the market every year with dubious claims to effectiveness, and you’re better off to steer clear of these products and only turn to the products that have survived the rigorous, robust clinical testing.

How SHOULD You Whiten Teeth?

The safest, most effective way to whiten your teeth is to have a dentist provide you with custom trays and professional-strength products. You’ll get the best shade of white and the safest outcome. Make your teeth whitening appointment today.