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Things Your Dentist Can Do For You That You Can’t Do, part 1

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Almost everyone knows that it’s important to go to the dentist for regular checkups. Being purposeful and intentional to care for the health of your teeth is something that is only in your best interests to do. But even if you’re taking fabulous care of your own teeth, dentists can do a lot of things for you that you can’t do. In this blog, we’ll look at two of them.

Applying Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are like a shield coating your teeth to prevent and discourage tooth decay. They are made of a thin plastic film that fills the deep cracks and crevices, and they help to protect your enamel from plaque and acids. No matter how much and how carefully you brush, dental sealants can help to prolong the life of your teeth.

Teaching proper brushing & flossing techniques

OK, so you can probably do this one yourself to some extent. Parents teach their kids to brush and floss, and even adults can learn by going onto YouTube and learning the proper techniques. But how many people are really going to do that? The benefit of a dentist is that the nature of their business naturally keeps them on the cutting edge of best practices for brushing and flossing. Also, you may think that you’re brushing and flossing adequately, but only the dentist can look into your mouth and say, “Hey, it looks like you need to adapt your brushing technique because you’re not getting this one area very well.”

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll look at three more things that your dentist can do for you that you can’t do.

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