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Things Your Dentist Can Do For You That You Can’t Do, part 2

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In our last blog, we looked at some of the things that your dentist can do for you that you can’t do for yourself. These are the reasons why you should always be sure to visit the dentist for your regular checkups. Here are three more.

Cleaning teeth in places you can’t reach

Ever wonder how the dentist gets into the places you can’t reach to deep clean your teeth and leave them spotless? It’s called tools. While technically you could acquire a complete set of dental instruments, they’re really expensive and you’d have to go to dental school to learn how to use them. So just spare yourself the hassle and let the dentist do it for you.

Providing fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments – Ah, those wonderful little trays that you bite down into, bathing your teeth in that tasty fluoride paste! (Oh, not so tasty, you say?) While the flavors of fluoride treatment may produce mixed reactions in our patients, there’s unanimous agreement that the flavor of healthy, cavity-free teeth is tasteless, painless, and fabulous.

Detecting and treating tooth decay or dental diseases

Have you ever looked in the mirror at your teeth and said to yourself, “Hmmm, I wonder if that’s a cavity?” By the time a cavity is bad enough for you to notice it, it’s probably going to require more extensive treatment than if the dentist had been able to catch it early. But cavities are not the only things that dentists can detect and treat before major complications arise. Dentists are trained to spot gingivitis, periodontal disease, infections, mouth cancer, and teeth that are at risk of falling out.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this list of things that you might have always taken for granted that your dentist does for you. We haven’t even touched on the many amazing technologies and advanced treatments that Dr. Colkmire can perform–these were just some of the regular checkup items.

Stay tuned for our next blog, when we’ll look at the things that your dentist can NOT do for you.

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