What is a Root Canal?

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Getting to the Root of the Problem

Dental pain can seem like the worst kind of pain. For example, when you fall and scrape your knee, it will hurt. Though it hurts, you still will be able to talk, eat, and go about your day-to-day life. But with dental pain, your whole demeanor can change; you won’t want to do anything but run to the nearest dental clinic. Once you find a local dentist, you will be able to get the treatment you need. If you live in Sarasota, Florida, you will want to schedule with Joshua Colkmire DDS. His practice is excellent in terms of both service and procedures in endodontics.
If you have tooth decay, you are not alone. Millions of people in the US suffer from tooth decay. However, if decay is allowed to progress, the overall tooth will eventually need a root canal. A root canal is an endodontic procedure in which a dentist will cut into your tooth and extract decayed tissue. By getting rid of the tissue, your tooth will be saved and your sanity will be saved.

What Causes It?

Decayed teeth will hurt and cause you to become irritable. But why? Well, when you don’t take proper care of your teeth, such as brushing and flossing regularly, plaque will build up on your teeth. If this plaque is allowed to eat away at your teeth, it will eventually turn into decay. If there are any cracks or small fractures in your tooth, bacteria can spread and begin to rot the inside of your tooth.
Inside each one of your teeth are a series of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. When decay reaches the inside of your mouth it will decay the tissue inside your tooth. However, at the same time, the nerves in your tooth are affected which result in intense dental pain.

What is the Procedure?

One of the best ways to fix an aching or painful tooth is by visiting your dentist. A professional will be able to examine your tooth and X-ray the area. By taking specialized images, your dentist will be able to confirm how much damage has been done to the tooth, as well as the rest of your mouth. If you do nothing about an aching tooth your whole mouth could become inflamed and consequences could include oral bone loss. Once it is determined the extent and areas of damage, your dentist and you can schedule a root canal appointment. At the appointment, your dentist will give you a numbing shot. This injection is primarily used to get rid of your pain and treat the inside of your tooth. Your dentist will then screw a hole at the top of your tooth and scrape out all of the decay. After the tooth is fully cleaned, your dentist will fill the tooth with a rubber-like substance. After the filling, your dentist will schedule you for another appointment a week later. At the next appointment, he/she will place a crown over your tooth to protect the treated area.

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