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Why Your Teeth Matter During Valentine’s Day

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Brush Up or Get Dumped!

Ah Valentine’s Day, what a magical holiday. On February 14th of every year, sweethearts from all over the world express their love for each other. And, for those who don’t have sweethearts, it is the one day of the year that they can indulge in whatever they enjoy and make the most of the night. Though Valentine’s Day has all the makings of a perfect day, there are some factors that can fault your day significantly and even ruin it; yes, we are talking about your teeth. Your pearly whites are the window into your self-care routine. If your teeth are yellow, cracked, broken, or misaligned, then you probably need to do something about it. And if not for you, then for your partner.

Why Do Teeth Matter on Valentine’s Day?

Even if your partner says they don’t mind your less-than-perfect teeth, any improvement to your teeth can be very appreciated. During Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, your partner wants to get swept up in the romance of your relationship. The last thing they want is a vinyl record to scratch while in the middle of a romantic moment or daydream. Hideous, or even just yellowed teeth, can be enough to ruin the mood, especially if you are dating. Don’t believe us? The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) recently published a few major benefits of smiling on Psychology Today. By seeing this list of benefits smiling can offer you, you can clearly see how these aspects could benefit you while dating or even during the Valentine’s Day holiday.

They Read:

Looking Thin and Happy

During the holiday or any day in general, you want to look and feel your best. When you are happy, you are smiling, which can have many other benefits. UMKC students conducted a study in which faces were placed on a projector. The faces that did not exhibit smiles were consistently called heftier, while the smiling faces were always considered thinner (even if the subjects were indeed bigger).
Smiling can change people’s perception of you and distract them to look at your face and how happy you are. Smiling demonstrates joy (for the most part), which is an attractive feature for anyone to display. The saying goes, “smiling is contagious.” Well, this is true! People gravitate towards happy, confident people. If you are smiling, this generally means you are happy and are more positive.

Offer a Fulfilling Marriage

Happy people live better, fuller lives. If you are too concerned with the negative aspects of your life, your marriage is likely to suffer. In a study cited by smiling expert and author, Ron Gutman, students conducted a study where smiles were measured and compared to the length and satisfaction in the subject’s marriage. Of course, those with bigger, more genuine smiles had healthier relationships with their spouse. Which makes sense!

Mood Enhancers

A smile can change your whole outlook on life, and can even change others’ perception of you. If you genuinely smile, your brain fills with doses of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins to make you “feel like a million bucks.” Dopamine also naturally makes you feel happy, content, and alert. In fact, it has been said that one smiles can stimulate your brain as much as 2,000 bars of chocolate. Because your smile can be a natural way to enhance your mood, it is a good practice to surround yourself with good and happy things. Though not all smiles are happy ones (nervous smiles, fake smiles, etc.), even the physical action of smiling can help enhance your mood.

So, Why Does This Apply To Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is all about enhancing the romance between you and your partner. Even in dating, you want to look your absolute best and show off your wonderful personality. Smiling, and being genuinely happy, is important in order to give a good impression and lighten the mood. But, if your teeth are show stoppers, then you will want to talk to a cosmetic dentist right away. With the help of your local cosmetic dentist, they can repair or whiten your teeth so you can freely show off how you feel.

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Don’t ever hide your contagious smiles just because you are self-conscious about the state of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists make their living ensuring that their clients have beautiful, clean, and white teeth. Don’t let your partner down on Valentine’s day with misaligned or yellowed teeth.

If you are interested in this service in Sarasota, Florida, contact Joshua Colkmire DDS today.

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