Instilling Good Habits – Our Mission Is To Make Your Kids Love Going To The Dentist


Dental Sealants – One Of The Easiest Ways To Prevent Decay In Your Child’s Teeth.


We Love Kids, and They Love Us!

Devin The Dentist DogHey Kids! Devin the Dentist Dog here! Come with me on your adventure to the JC dentistry sarasota dentist’s office. Want to know what will happen when you get to your appointment? Let’s explore.

When you come to the dentist, you’ll start by talking to our friendly receptionists at the front desk. Then you might get to spend a few minutes in our waiting room.

For fun:

  • Try to count all the legs in the room–chair legs, table legs, and people legs.
  • Then you could try to see if you can spot all the letters of the alphabet and tell us which ones are missing.
  • Also, extra points to any kid who can tell us what species of bird is pictured on the beach photo on our wall.

When your appointment starts, you’ll get to sit in our comfy dentist chair, and the hygienist will clean your teeth. We’re getting rid of all the tartar and plaque on your teeth to make sure that you don’t get a cavity. You also might get a fluoride treatment and an x-ray. Be sure to follow all of your hygienist’s instructions. This won’t hurt at all, and your teeth will be sparkling clean at the end.

For Fun:

  • Try counting how many different instruments your hygienist uses, and see if you can come up with a creative name for each one.

When Dr. Colkmire and Dr. Donaire look at your sparkling teeth, they will make sure that your teeth are healthy. If you have any cavities, he will know just what to recommend to your parents for your treatment.

One super-special thing we can do for kids is to give you dental sealants. This fills in the deep cracks in your back teeth (your molars) so that you’re less likely to get a cavity. No one likes to have cavities, so if Dr. Colkmire and Dr. Donaire let you know that sealants will be good for you, you can smile big, because it will be great for you! And guess what? It doesn’t even hurt.

Devin the Dentist Dog’s tips for kids:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Pay special attention when you brush your back teeth. We will show you how.
  • Aim to earn a “No cavities” report at every dentist visit.

We look forward to seeing you!

Hey Parents! We look forward to treating your children ages 8 and above and watching them grow year after year.

Healthy smiles for your entire family! Whether it’s time for a six-month checkup or sealants on your child’s 12-year molars, we’re ready to schedule your appointment at JC dentistry of sarasota! Call now at (941) 893-3576.