How to Keep Your Smile Young

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Your smile expresses you, and shows the world a flash of your brilliance and beauty. If you feel young, why not keep your smile young too? Here are several ways to encourage a youthful appearance when you smile! Braces or Invisalign Braces aren’t just for teenagers! Invisalign isn’t just for the younger folks. Straightening your teeth can help avoid the …

3 Reasons Flossing Matters

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You’ve heard your dentist say “brush and floss twice a day!” But why does it matter so much? There are many reasons flossing matters, because it reaches where a toothbrush can’t, and cleans beyond what a mouthwash can do. Without a thin little string, cleaning our teeth thoroughly just isn’t as reachable. Cavities One of the reasons flossing matters, is …

When Should You See a Dentist?

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Like seeing the Doctor, seeing your dentist is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dental care is self care, and seeing a dentist can be a relaxing experience that helps you smile brighter and healthier. So when should you see a dentist? Are you Experiencing Discomfort? Are you wondering what to do about temperature sensitivity? Do your teeth …

Does Whitening Toothpaste Really Work?

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Everyone wants a brighter smile and there are many ways to achieve a more glittering first impression. Depending on each patient’s needs and situation they may choose in office whitening, or at home whitening kits. What seems like the easiest solution is to reach for the whitening toothpaste, but does whitening toothpaste really work and is it the best option …

Can You Disinfect Your Toothbrush?

Can You Disinfect Your Toothbrush?

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In the current pandemic, we are trying to protect ourselves and our families from illness, and reinfection from illness. Part of this can mean disinfecting everyday items. So if you’re asking “Can you disinfect your toothbrush?” Here are some safety tips to keep your toothbrush clean during the time of COVID-19. 1. Isolate Your Personal Items If you’re showing any …

How Lifestyle Affects Oral Health

How Lifestyle Affects Oral Health

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Oral Health is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It can affect your work life, relationships, and many other aspects of your lifestyle. But your lifestyle also affects oral health. Here are 5 ways you can improve your oral health by making healthy lifestyle choices! Avoid Unhealthy Beverages and Drink more Water Many delicious drinks we also love can …

Dental Cleanings

Are Dental Cleanings Preventive Care?

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We often hear that preventive care is important. Our insurance companies, doctor’s offices, magazines, articles all tout preventive care. But what is preventive care for dental health? And how often do you need things like dental cleanings and x-rays? These are important questions that must be answered to ensure that your oral health is the best it can be! What …

Dental care can be self care

Dental Care Can Be Self Care

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The first thing people notice about you is your smile! It radiates your personality and your joy. It expresses who you are. It is one of the first things that you can prioritize as you establish self care routines. But it is also one of the easiest to accomplish every day. Dental care can be self care, so you can …